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Marsupial Genome Sequences: Providing Insight into Evolution and Disease

Table 2

Orthologues of eutherian imprinted genes and their imprint status in marsupials.

Imprinted genesNonimprinted genes
GeneExpressed alleleReferencesGenePresent/Absent in genomeReferences

H19 Paternal[155]CDKN1C Present[156, 157]
HTR2A Maternal[158]COPG2 Present[158]
IGF2 Paternal[149, 150, 156, 159]DIO3 Present[160]
IGF2R Maternal[161]DLK1 Present[160, 162]
INS Paternal[163]GRB10 Present[164]
L3MBTL Paternal[158]IMPACT Present[158]
MEST Paternal[156, 158]MAGEL2 Absent[165]
PEG10 Paternal[166]MEG3 Absent[162]
MKRN3 Absent[165]
NDN Absent[165]
NNAT Absent[167]
PHLDA2 Present[168]
PLAGL1 Present[158]
SGCE Present[166]
SNRPN Present[165]
UBE3A Present[165]