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Patent Foramen Ovale and Closure Technique with the Amplatzer Occluder

Table 2

Ischemic stroke classification.

(i) Arterial occlusion
 (a) Lacunar
 (b) Intracerebral
 (c) Vertebral
 (d) Internal carotid
 (e) Common carotid
 (f) Brachiocephalic
(ii) Arterial embolus
 (a) Plaque/ulcer/dissection
  (1) Intracerebral
  (2) Carotid
  (3) Vertebral
  (4) Brachiocephalic
  (5) Ascending aortic
(iii) Cardiac embolus from
 (a) Left ventricle
 (b) Left atrium
  (1) Left atrial appendage (atrial fibrillation)
  (2) Left atrial foramen pouch
 (c) Myxoma or other tumors
 (d) Vegetation (septic embolus)
(iv) Paradoxical embolus
 (a) Patent foramen ovale
 (b) Atrial septal defect
 (c) Pulmonary fistula
(v) Pulmonary venous bed embolus
(vi) Cryptogenic