Table 1: Clinical data of the members of the family in study.

Clinical parametersP1 (father)P2 (mother)P3 (elder brother)P4 (younger brother)

Haemoglobin (g/dL) 6.811.211.44.1
MCV (fL)48.554.250.357.0
MCH (pg)
MCHC (%)35.438.942.229.2
Rdw (%)29.023.622.226.4
Hct (%)19.326.827.114.2
HbA2/E (%)8.173.690.317.8
HbA0 (%)
HbF (%)
P3 (%)
History of blood transfusion (BT)NoNoNo1st BT on 8 months and then on monthly BT

MCV = Mean Cell Volume; MCH = Mean Cell Haemoglobin; MCHC = Mean Cell Haemoglobin Concentration; Rdw = Red Cell Distribution Width; Hct = Haematocrit.