Table 3: Contribution of specific age groups and leading causes of death to the gap in life expectancy at birth between low and high unemployment areas of the United States, 2006–2010.

Cause of deathBoth sexesMalesFemales
Absolute contribution (years)Percentage contributionAbsolute contribution (years)Percentage contributionAbsolute contribution (years)Percentage contribution

All ages and causes3.76100.04.54100.02.91100.0
Age group (years)
Cause of death
Cardiovascular diseases (CVD)1.3837.01.4832.61.2743.6
 Heart disease1.2232.71.2828.21.1639.9
All cancers combined0.4512.10.5111.20.4013.7
 Lung cancer0.
 Colorectal cancer0.
 Prostate cancer0.
 Breast cancer0.
 Cervical cancer0.
 Stomach cancer0.
 Liver & intrahepatic bile duct cancer0.
Chronic lower respiratory diseases/COPD0.
Diabetes mellitus0.
Influenza and pneumonia0.
Nephritis/kidney diseases0.
Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis0.
Infectious/parasitic diseases excluding HIV/AIDS0.
Alzheimer’s disease−0.06−1.6−0.03−0.7−0.09−3.1
Unintentional injuries0.318.30.449.70.165.5
All other causes0.4010.70.6013.20.248.2

Source: derived from 2006–2010 data from the US National Vital Statistics System [20, 21].