Figure 2: Conceptual model for the social-ecological process carbon cycle model on Gouqi Island. ① Carbon released from tourism activity, ② carbon released from tourism accommodation, ③ carbon released from transportation between island and outside, ④ carbon released of local residents, ⑤ CH4 released from solid waste landfill, ⑥ carbon stored by soil carbon pool through solid waste landfill, ⑦ carbon released from seafood processing sector, ⑧ carbon released from desalination of seawater, ⑨ carbon released from marine aquaculture, ⑩ carbon captured by marine aqua-culturing, ⑪ respiration in forest ecosystem, ⑫ photosynthesis in forest ecosystem, ⑬ respiration in wetland ecosystem, ⑭ photosynthesis in wetland ecosystem, ⑮ CH4 released from wetland ecosystem, oxidation, import, and harvest.