Table 4: Vaccination status and reason for not taking the vaccine among health professionals, AHMC, Ethiopia, in 2017.

VariablesFrequency Percentage (%)

Ever screened for hepatitis B
 Not screened26869.6
Vaccination for hepatitis B
 Not vaccinated16342.3
Vaccination dose
 Once only (incomplete vaccination)7533.6
 Received two doses (incomplete vaccination)4921.9
 Three complete doses (fully vaccinated)9944.5
Complete vaccination status
 Fully vaccinated9944.5
 Incomplete vaccination12455.4
Have you been tested after full dose?
 Tested for the vaccine effect3636.4
 Not tested6363.8
Test result
 Protected (anti-HB titer > 10 MIU/ml)36100
Reason for incomplete vaccination
 Being busy4737.9
 I feel I am protected1512.2
 Forget it at all2822.6
 Waiting for the next dose3427.3
Reason for not taking the vaccine
 The vaccine was not available through government channels5936
 The vaccine is very expensive for private access6741
 I did not give it too much emphasis4226
 The side effect would be worse138
 The duration of total dose is too long2515.4

I do not think I am at risk, I never thought about it, or I have no reason.