Table 1: Classification of MTD strategy formulation method.

CategoryClassic LiteraturesDescription

Strategy formulation based on game theoryManadhata et al. 2013
Melike et al. 2014
Valizadeh et al. 2016
The target opposition, dependency and non-cooperative features in offensive and defensive side is consistent with game model, thus formulating strategy on the basis of analyzing confrontation situations beforehand.

Strategy formulation based on machine learning control theoryRowe et al. 2012
Coalbugh et al. 2013
Tozer et al 2015
This method uses machine learning to achieve the accurate perception of network status, and formulates feedback control strategy.

Strategy formulation based on evolution theoryAzab et al. 2011
Crouse et al. 2012
Bitam et al. 2016
Based on the diversity of genes, defensive transformation is achieved by gene mutation and recombination. In addition, configuration parameters are selected according to the environmental change.