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Refreshing Sleep and Sleep Continuity Determine Perceived Sleep Quality

Table 1

Open-ended codes in alphabetical order with examples.

Good sleep examplesCategory namePoor sleep examples

When I wake up and am not groggyBody warmth I feel my body is too warm
Clear headed/groggy Not thinking clearly, feel fuzzy-headed and foggy when I wake up
Clock watching I looked at the clock a lot during the night
A good level of concentrationConcentration/attention I have trouble concentrating and make mistakes
No dark circles under my eyesDark circles under eyes Dark circles under my eyes
I function well throughout the dayDaytime functioning When I can’t do what I do on a daily basis
I feel I was in a deep sleep, no drifting in and out of sleep Depth of sleepMy sleep was light, I feel I spent most of the night awake
My mind is caught up in the remainders of a super dreamDreams My mind is confused by bad dreams
If I am awake no earlier than at 6:30 it is greatEarly wakening I am awake several hours before sunrise
I feel energetic during the dayFatigue/energy I feel tired and lethargic during the day
No headacheHeadache I wake up with a headache
My memory is goodMemoryI’m forgetful
I’m in a good moodMoodI’m cranky and moody
My body is without painPain/ache I wake up and my body aches
I slept throughout the night, no night-time awakeningsSleep continuity I recall waking several times during the night
I don’t feel sleepy at allSleepinessSometimes I nod off at my desk
I fall asleep when my head hits the pillowSleepy onset latency (SOL) If it has taken me a long time to fall asleep
My mind is relaxedThoughtsI keep worry about how I am going to feel tomorrow
The less tossing and turning I’ve done the betterTossing and turningI noticed I was tossing and turning, couldn’t find a place for myself
If I slept for 6+ hoursTotal sleep time (TST)If I don’t get my minimum number of hours
I wake up easily and feel ready to get upWaking feeling refreshed/non-refreshedI feel exhausted when I wake up and feel like I still need rest