The state of modern computer systems has evolved to allow easy access to multiprocessor systems by supporting multiple processors on a single physical package. As the multiprocessor hardware evolves, new ways of programming it are also developed. Some inventions may merely be adopting and standardizing the older paradigms. One such evolving standard for programming shared-memory parallel computers is the OpenMP API. The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) has created a suite of parallel programs called SPEC OMP to compare and evaluate modern shared-memory multiprocessor systems using the OpenMP standard. We have studied these benchmarks in detail to understand their performance on a modern architecture. In this paper, we present detailed measurements of the benchmarks. We organize, summarize, and display our measurements using a Quantitative Model. We present a detailed discussion and derivation of the model. Also, we discuss the important loops in the SPEC OMPM2001 benchmarks and the reasons for less than ideal speedup on our platform.