Table 1: Interview guide.

ThemeMain questionHelping questions?

OpeningTell me about the experience of training others in the Onstep technique[An opening question to start the interview]

Instructions of othersWhat are your experiences when instructing/teaching the Onstep technique? How do you organize your training sessions?
How is the atmosphere/do you seek a certain atmosphere?
What setup works well, do you or would you like to add something?
Group dynamics, that is who could/should be trained together?

Compared to other techniques?What are the main differences when you are instructing/teaching this technique? Can anything from Lichtenstein be helpful?
Anything from laparoscopy?

Which surgeonsWho should be taught this technique? What prerequisites are preferred? That is: Experience, knowledge?
Who could/should teach/train others? Who can easily/hardly transfer from supervised training to self-training?
Experience with other types of groin hernia surgery?

ProficiencyWhen is your student ready for unsupervised procedures?What are the indicators for proficiency? (For yourself, for your students)?
How could a tool be helpful?
What is your experience with feedback? (Forms, structured feedback, focus on certain steps)?

ClosureSomething else we need to add?