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Research Article

Parastomal Hernia Repair with Intraperitoneal Mesh

Table 3

One-year follow-up.

Parastomal hernia clinically found11/50 (22%)
Parastomal bulging17/50 (34%)
CT performed47/50(3 patients had the mesh removed at one-month follow-up, not followed at one year)
Parastomal hernia found by CT7/47 (15%)Omentum in hernia1
Other part of intestine in hernia6
Protrusion of the stoma found by CT8/47 (17%)


Reoperation5/50 (10%)Second operation for parastomal hernia1IIIb
Obstruction of small intestine2IIIb
Acute incarceration of parastomal hernia1IIIb
Ventral hernia (not parastomal hernia)1IIIb