Table 4: Studies on stroke conducted in India.


Abraham et al. [48], 1970, VelloreRural and urban, community-based, all stroke prevalencePrevalence: 56.9/100,00025% of the stroke patients were below the age of 40 years.

Bansal et al. [49], 1975, RohtakUrban, community-based study, all stroke prevalencePopulation: 79,046Prevalence: 44/100,000

GourieDevi et al. [50], 1987, KarnatakaRural, community based study, all stroke prevalencePopulation: 57,660Prevalence: 52/100,000

Razdan et al. [37], 1989, KashmirRural, community based study, all stroke prevalencePopulation: 63,645Prevalence: 143/100,00010.9% of age group 15–39 years (prevalence rate 41/100,000)

Dalal et al. [51], 1989, MumbaiUrban, hospital based study, 1963–1968 and 1978–1982Case fatality rate changed from 32 to 12% over this periodStudied only young stroke

Nayak et al. [52], 1997, KerelaHospital based, retrospective, 15–45 years of age177 patients from 1988 to 1994.Studied clinical features and risk factors in young

Mumbai stroke registry [53]Population based, urban, Jan to Dec 2005, all age groupsPopulation: 1, 86,000Crude incidence rate: 148/100, 00077% ischemic, hypertension in 25.3%

JIPMER stroke registry [53]Hospital based, 2005, all age groups105 in six months36.2% patients <40 years of age

Trivendrum stroke registry [53]Population-based, urban and rural, 2005, all age groupsPopulation: 925,867 Crude incidence rate: 97.9/100,000 urban, 81.3/100,000 ruralStroke in young 4.3%

Das et al. [36], 2007, KolkataPopulation based, urban, 2003–2005, all age groupsPopulation: 52 377 Annual incidence rate (AIR)123/100,000/yearAIR in <40 years 4.22/100,000/year

Lipska et al. [41], 2007, KeralaCase control study, 15–45 years, ischemic stroke214 cases, 195 controls,Metabolic syndrome and smoking-associated ischemic stroke in young

Dalal et al. [54], 2008, MumbaiPopulation based study, all stroke types, Jan 2005–Dec 2006Population: 156,861Annual incidence 145/100,000 in >25 years of age

Nagaraja et al. [55], 2009, BangaloreHospital based, all stroke types1174 patients18% less than 40 years of age

S. Kaul et al. [56], 2009, HyderabadHospital based, 2001–2005, all stroke typesAnnual incidence of stroke 145/100,00010–15% of stroke in young