Table 4: Case reports describing the use of thrombolytic treatments in ischemic stroke during pregnancy and puerperium.

Author, yearThrombolysisDosageMaternal ageGestational ageMaternal complicationsFetal outcomeAssociated conditions

Dapprich, 2002IV rt-PA0,9 mg/kg31 y12 weekminor hemorrhagic imbition of infarct areagoodProtein S deficiency
Elford, 2002IA rt-PA15.5 rng28 yI weekhematoma in basal gangliagoodOvarian hyperstimulation syndrome
Johnson, 2005IA rt-PA15 rng39 y37 weeknonegoodUndeterminated cause
Elevated IgG and IgM anti-cardiolipin
Leonhardt, 2006IV rt-PA0,9 mg/kg26 y23 weekbasal ganglia infarctiongoodAntibodies
Murugappan, 2006 aIV rt-PA0,9 mg/kg37 y12 weekintrauterine hematomaMTPMitral valve replacement
bIV rt-PA0,9 mg/kg31 y4 weeknoneMTPdecreased protein S activity
cIV rt-PA0,9 mg/kg29 y6 weekdeath from dissection during angioplastydiedAortic valve replacement
dIA rt-PA21 rng43 y37 weeknonegoodAT III, protein C and S deficiencies
eIA UK600 000 U28 y6 weekbuttock hematomagoodprotein C and S deficiencies, PFO
flocal UK700 000 U25 yfrrst trimesterasymptomatic ICHSAbacterial endocarditis
Wiese, 2006IV rt-PA0,9 mg/kg33 y13 weeknonegoodmitral valve replacement
fifteen hours after
Mendez, 2008IA UK100 000 U37 ycesarean delivery 6 days afternoneUndeterminated cause
Ronning, 2010IA rt-PA20 rng29 ydeliverynonePeripartum cardiomyopathy

IV: intravenous; IA: intra-arterial; rt-PA: recombinant tissue plasminogen activator; UK: urokinase; ICH: intracerebral hemorrhage; MTP: medical termination of pregnancy; SA: spontaneous abortion.