Table 2: Stroke risk stratifications schemes in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (BP: blood pressure, DM: diabetes mellitus, CHF: congestive heart failure, TIA: transient ischemic attack, CAD: coronary artery disease, LV: left ventricular fractional shortening).

SchemeLow riskModerate riskHigh risk

AFI [7]Not moderate/high riskAge > 65, not high riskPrior ischemia, high BP, DM
SPAF [32]Not moderate/high riskHigh BP, not high riskPrior ischemia, female >75 yrs, CHF, LV <25%, systolic BP > 160
ACCP [10, 33]Not moderate/high risk1 of the following: 65–75 yrs, DM, CAD, and not high riskPrior ischemia, high BP, CHF, >75 yrs, or ≥2 moderate risk factors
CHADS2 [14]SCORE = + 1 for CHF, high BP, DM, >75 yr, and + 2 for prior stroke/TIA
FRAMINGHAM [34]SCORE = + 6 for prior ischemia, 0 to 4 for BP, + 4 for DM, +0 to 10 for age, 6 for female