Table 1: Long-term followup series in young adults with ischemic stroke.

Number of patientsMean followup [years]Type of study

Varona et al. [12]27211.7Retrospective
Putaala et al. [31]7315Prospective
Hindfelt and Nilsson [13]7416Prospective
Marini et al. [10]3308Prospective
Kappelle et al. [9]2966Retrospective
Lanzino et al. [20]1555.8Prospective
Camerlingo et al. [21]1355.7Prospective
Bogousslavsky and Regli [18]383.8Consecutive cases
Ferro and Crespo [14]2153.5Prospective
Leys et al. [11]2873Prospective
Chancellor et al. [29]593Retrospective
Matias-Guiu et al. [22]3862.8Prospective
Grindal et al. [26]342.7Retrospective
Snyder and Ramirez-Lassepas [27]522.4Retrospective
Srinivasan [28]462Retrospective
Nedeltchev et al. [32]1362.1Prospective
Musolino et al. [30]606.1Prospective
Naess et al. [33]2325.7Retrospective