Table 1: Observational studies (no intervention) of admission body temperature and mortality rate after acute stroke.

ReferenceStudy designPatients/groupsStroke severityMortality rate

[7]Prospective Single-center390 acute stroke patientsReduced body temperature predicted better clinical outcomeMortality was lower in patients with mild hypothermia on admission

[9]Retrospective Single-center437 patients; 185 hypothermic BT °C versus 199 normothermic 36.5°C °C (and 53 hyperthermic)NR0.1 odds ratio in-hospital mortality ( )
0.8 odds ratio at 12 months mortality ( , NS)

[5]Prospective Single-center390 acute stroke patients; 179 hypothermic BT °C versus 211 hyperthermic BT °C Assessed by SSS−28% at 3 months ( )
−54% at 60 months ( )

[8]Prospective Single-center100 acute ischemic stroke patientsNRMortality was higher in hyperthermic >37.5°C) patients and lower in hypothermic patients (<36.5°C) than those with regular temperature
0/8 hypothermic, 17/30 hyperthermic versus 6/62 normothemic patients died

BT: body temperature; NR: not reported; NS: not statistically significant; SSS: Scandinavian Stroke Scale.