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Physical Activity in Hospitalised Stroke Patients

Table 1

General patient activity studies.

StudyPatientsOrganisation of care categoriesBehavioural mapping procedure for individual patients

Bear-Lehman et al. [30]aRehabilitation inpatientsSU8 am–4 pm, every 30 mins, for 1 weekday and 1 weekend day
Bernhardt et al. [31]Acute (<14 d) inpatientsSU (<14 d)8 am–5 pm, every 10 mins, for 2 consecutive weekdays
Bernhardt et al. [32]bAcute (<14 d) inpatientsSU (<14 d)8 am–5 pm, every 10 mins, for 1 weekday
De Weerdt et al. [33]cRehabilitation inpatientsSU8.30 am–5.10 pm, every 10 mins, for 1 weekday
De Weerdt et al. [34]Rehabilitation inpatientsSU8.30 am–5.10 pm, every 10 mins, for 2 weekdays in 1st observation period, 1 weekday in 2nd period
De Wit et al. [35]dRehabilitation inpatientsSU7 am–12 pm or 12 pm–5 pm or 5 pm–10 pm, every 10 mins, for 1 weekday
Esmonde et al. [36]Rehabilitation inpatientsSU9 am–5 pm, average every 10.8 mins, for 4–9 weekdays
Keith [37]Rehabilitation inpatientsSU8.15 am–16.15 am every 30 mins, for 5 consecutive weekdays
Keith and Cowell [38]Rehabilitation inpatientsSU, GRU8.30 am–4.30 pm, every 8 mins, for 2 weekdays
Lincoln et al. [39]Rehabilitation inpatientsSU8.30 am–4.30 pm, average every 30 mins, for 3 consecutive days
Lincoln et al. [40]Rehabilitation InpatientsSU, CCU6 am–2 pm or 8.30 am–4.30pm or 2 pm–10 pm, ~ every 10 mins, for 3 days
Mackey et al. [41]eRehabilitation inpatientsGRU7 am–7 pm, every 10 mins, for 3-4 weekdays and both weekend days
Pound et al. [42]InpatientsSU, CCU7.30 am–3.30 pm or 9.30 am–5.30 pm or 2.30 pm–10.30 pm, ~ every 20 mins, for 1 weekday
Tinson [43]eInpatientsCCU9 am–1 pm or 1 pm–5 pm, every 30 mins, for 4 weekdays, plus 9 am–5 pm, every 30 mins, for 1 weekend day
Wellwood et al. [44]Acute (<14 d) inpatientsSU, CCU (<14 d)8 am–5 pm, every 10 mins, for 1 weekday

aData for stroke patients only, excludes weekend data; bdata for Trondheim patients only; cdata for Switzerland patients only; dexcludes 5 pm–10 pm data; eexcludes weekend data; GRU: general rehabilitation unit (includes mixed rehabilitation units); SU: stroke unit (includes acute stroke units, comprehensive stroke units and stroke rehabilitation units); CCU: conventional care unit (includes general medical wards, elderly care units and general neurology wards); <14 d—all patients observed within 14 days of stroke.

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