Clinical Study

Functional Exercise and Physical Fitness Post Stroke: The Importance of Exercise Maintenance for Motor Control and Physical Fitness after Stroke

Table 2

Change scores in mean and SD between baseline and 36 months after stroke in two groups in Motor Assessment Scale (MAS), Berg Balance Scale (BBS), Barthel Index (BI), Timed Up and Go (TUG), 6-Minute Walk Test (6MWT) and -values.

MAS <35 ( )MAS >35 ( ) -value

MAS13.2 (13.8)2 (3.3)0.001
BBS18.9 (20.7)4.3 (11.3)0.001
BI35 (38)4.7 (9.8)0.001
TUG+8.6 (35.0)āˆ’3.5 (6.0)0.06
6MWT152.2 (170.4)194.5 (167.9)0.3