Research Article

Does a History of Migraine Affect the Rate of Thrombolysis in Young Stroke Patients?

Table 1

Demographic characteristics of young ischaemic stroke patients with and without migraine.


Median age, years (IQR)43.3 (34.0–46.4)43.5 (38.0–46.4) 0.31
Male sex (%)
Smoking status (%) 0.03
 Never smoked55.140.2
 Former smoker24.517.9
 Current smoker20.441.9
Hypertension (%)18.426.50.26
Diabetes (%)
Hypercholesterolemia (%)
Atrial fibrillation (%)05.00.11
Prior VD (%)
Total risk factors (%)<0.01

IQR: interquartile range; VD: vascular disease (defined as prior cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, or peripheral vascular disease).