Research Article

Does a History of Migraine Affect the Rate of Thrombolysis in Young Stroke Patients?

Table 2

Clinical characteristics and initial management of young ischaemic stroke patients with and without migraine.


Median NIHSS score (IQR)2 (0–8)2 (0–6)0.90
Median ictus to admittance time (min., IQR)191 (96–336)135 (70–511)0.55
Presenting symptomatology (OCSP)0.75
 LACI (%)18.422.3
 TACI (%)8.210.7
 PACI (%)44.936.4
 POCI (%)28.630.6
Admitted < 270 min after ictus (%)30.640.50.86
CT-scan as initial imaging (%)77.677.70.99
Receiving thrombolytic therapy (%)

NIHSS: National Institute of Health Stroke Scale; IQR: interquartile range; OCSP: Oxford Community Stroke Project Classification; LACI: lacunar infarct; TACI: total anterior circulation infarct; PACI: partial anterior circulation infarct; POCI: posterior circulation infarct; CT: computed tomography.