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Gait Impairment in a Rat Model of Focal Cerebral Ischemia

Table 2

Relationships between body weight and speed with gait parameters.

Body weightSpeed
value value value value

Infarct volume−0.850.015*Body weight−0.010.95−0.020.90
Run durationStride length
 LF−0.040.830.080.68 LF0.86<0.0001***0.77<0.0001***
 RF−0.050.840.070.65 RF0.73<0.0001***0.75<0.0001***
Swing speedStance
 LF0.500.012*0.090.62 LF−0.92<0.0001***−0.87<0.0001***
 RF0.420.042*0.100.61 RF−0.93<0.0001***−0.87<0.0001***
Max intesityMax contact area
 LF0.420.042*0.200.28 LF−0.030.88−0.490.0086**
 RF0.400.049*0.230.23 RF−0.240.26−0.490.0083**
Max contact areaMax intensity
 LF0.450.02*0.400.05* LF0.180.40−0.330.09
 RF0.490.014*0.460.012* RF−0.190.36−0.200.30
Print widthPrint width
 LF0.530.007**0.540.003** LF0.330.120.110.59
 RF0.380.070.580.0013** RF0.050.800.100.63
Toe spreadToe spread
 LF0.620.008**0.530.0005*** LF0.180.400.110.59
 RF0.400.05*0.560.002** RF0.310.140.270.17
Stride lengthBase of support
 LF0.100.620.110.56 Forelimb0.080.710.150.46
 RF0.180.400.210.29 Hindlimb0.080.700.280.15

RF: right forepaw; LF: left forepaw.
* .
** .
*** .

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