Table 1: Summary of the literature focusing on S100B and NSE as biomarkers after SAH predictive of CVS and/or DCI.

AuthorYearSerum biomarkerSample collectionCVS assessmentCVSDCI assessmentDCIBad outcome

Herrmann et al. [20]2000S100BFirst 4 days after ischemic strokeNENECT++++
No NSE detectionNEfor ischemia detection(volume of lesion)

Oertel et al. [21]2006S100BFirst 3 days after SAHTCD NENE

Weiss et al. [22]2006S100BFirst 8 days after SAHTCD + arteriographyNENE++
No NSE detection (only CVS + S100B < 0.4  g/L: no death)

Sanchez-Pe a et al. [23]2008S100BFirst 15 days after SAHTCD + arteriography in “ischemic vasospasm” patients++ ( )
No NSE detection(only mean 15 day S100B value)

Moritz et al. [24]2010S100BDaily during ICU stayTCDCT++++
NSECT++ (only NSE peak value)

NE: not evaluated; ↑: increase; : decrease; “−”: no correlation; “+”: positive correlation; “++”: prognostic factor; TCD: transcranial doppler sonography;