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Review Article

Detection of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation in Stroke/Tia Patients

Table 1

Yield of long-term cardiac rhythm monitoring studies.

StudyPatient populationDuration (days)Sample sizeNo. diagnosed Percentage

Barth l my et al. 2003 [6]Stroke/TIA428414.3
Sposato et al. 2012 [7]Stroke/TIA51552113.5
Stahrenberg et al. 2010 [8]Stroke/TIA72202812.7
Jabaudon et al. 2004 [9]Stroke/TIA78855.7
Tayal et al. 2008 [10]Stroke/TIA21561323
Miller et al. 2013 [11]Stroke/TIA211562717.3
Bhatt et al. 2011 [12]Stroke/TIA21621524
Elijovich et al. 2009 [13]Stroke/TIA 3020420
Gaillard et al. 2010 [14]Stroke/TIA 309899.2
Flint et al. 2012 [15]Stroke302392912.1
Ziegler et al. 2010 [16]Stroke/TIA3651634528