Figure 12: Autoradiography analysis of the RNA synthesis rate in a reprogramming oligodendrocytic nucleus. (a) Here, 5 neuronal nuclei and 6 oligodendrocytic nuclei can be observed in the field of view. (b) The same section area in transmitted light. All 5 neuronal nuclei are intensely marked by silver grains, while none of the 6 oligodendrocytic nuclei contain this label. (c) Another region of the preparation. In the field of view, 4 oligodendrocytic nuclei can be observed. A proneuronal change in the structure, with dark areas of euchromatin, is observed in the nucleus (arrow) that is the largest and is colored irregularly. (d) The same section area in transmitted light. The proneuronal structural change has a functional manifestation: the appearance of the label over the oligodendrocytic nucleus (marked by an arrow) indicates an increase in the RNA synthesis rate. (a) and (c) are stained with DAPI. (b) and (d) show manifestation of the autoradiographic label (silver grains). The scale bar is 15 μm.