Table 2: The circumstances that prevailed when the persons sustained the hip fracture.


Man, 84 yearsHe fell when he put his glasses on the small table beside his bed527
Man, 86 yearsHe fell on his way from the bedroom to the kitchen223
Woman, 73 yearsShe fell when the door of the elevator hit her629
Man, 77 yearsThe staff at his nursing home found him on the floor in the bathroom220
Woman, 84 yearsShe lost the grip and fell when she tried to draw herself up from the wheelchair621
Woman, 94 yearsShe fell backwards into the wheelchair but it turned over and she fell on the floor1215
Man, 89 yearsHe fell on his way from the bedroom to the kitchen013
Man, 58 yearsOn his way from the bedroom to the front door, he stumbled on a carpet and fell224
Man, 87 yearsHe was going to sit down but missed the chair and fell on the floor812
Man, 69 yearsHe was going to sit down in his wheelchair but missed it and fell on the floor4
Woman, 87 yearsDuring the night she fell in her home2
Man, 81 yearsHe arrived at the hospital after fall in her home5
Woman, 76 yearsShe fell in her home and hit her hip8
Woman, 86 yearsShe fell from a chair3
Woman, 83 yearsShe fell during the evening and hit her hip2
Woman, 86 yearsUnspecified fall. She complained from pain in the right leg7

The scores of the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) and the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE). The last seven persons were not initially treated in the stroke unit. For these persons MMSE was not performed.