Table 1: Definition of vascular risk factors.

Vascular risk factorDefinition

HypertensionPatient with medical history of hypertension, treated or not.
Diabetes mellitusPatient with medical history of diabetes, treated or not.
DyslipidemiaPatient with medical history of dyslipidemia, treated or not with one of these conditions
Sleep apnoea diseaseSuspected in patient with 3 of these conditions: 
(i) Snoring when sleeping 
(ii) Apnea during sleeping 
(iii) Excessive diurnal sleeping 
(iv) Can be associated with obesity
Alcohol consumptionDaily alcohol intake >60 g/L
Obesity2 methods were used to determine overweight or obesity: 
(i) If the body mass index is >30: obesity, BMI between 25 and 30 is overweight 
(ii) When it is impossible to have the BMI, we used the abdominal circumference >102 cm in male and >88 cm in female