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Research Article

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Incidence, Prehospital Evaluation, and Presentation of Ischemic Stroke at a Nonurban Comprehensive Stroke Center

Table 1

Demographics of all patients and patients with a final diagnosis of stroke.

All patientsStroke patients
2019 (pre-COVID-19)2020 (COVID-19 era) value2019 (pre-COVID-19)2020 (COVID-19 era) value

Age (SD)75.96 (13.2)73.24 (17.3)0.3677.91 (12.6)75.90 (18.9)0.68
Female (63.2%) (56.9%)0.5656.5%43.5%0.55
Prior stroke/TIA41.7%58.3%0.48
CAD/prior MI36.8%17.6%0.27
Carotid stenosis00>0.99
Diabetes mellitus47.4%11.8%0.03
Tobacco abuse15.8%5.9%0.61
Drug/alcohol abuse10.5%0%0.49
Family history of stroke5.3%23.5%0.17

Demographic characteristics of patients pre- and post-COVID era presented as means and standard deviation for interval data and proportions for categorical data. Statistical significance for univariate between-group comparisons was calculated using Fisher’s exact test for categorical data and unpaired -tests for interval data.