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Research Article

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Incidence, Prehospital Evaluation, and Presentation of Ischemic Stroke at a Nonurban Comprehensive Stroke Center

Table 3

Stroke evaluation, management, and outcome.

2019 (pre-COVID-19)2020 (COVID-19 era) value

Presenting location
Positive EMS stroke scale33/57 (57.9%)19/51 (37.2%)0.05
NIHSS on admission (median, range)4 (0-25)3 (0-24)0.59
IV thrombolytic in ED5/22 (22.7%)4/21 (19.0%)0.99
Door to needle (minutes)40.851.80.52
Stroke diagnosis confirmed22/5721/510.84
Stroke type
NIHSS at discharge (median, range)3 (0-36)1 (0-30)0.43
Discharge disposition

EMS: Emergency Medical Services; NIHSS: National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; IV: intravenous; ED: emergency department; TIA: transient ischemic attack. Reported only for those patients who received IV thrombolytics. Chi-square or Fisher’s exact test for categorical variables. Chi-square test for each variable within the EMS Stroke Scale. Mann–Whitney test for nonparametric ordinal data (i.e., NIHSS).