Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations / 2009 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

The Use of Th in HTR: State of the Art and Implementation in Th/Pu Fuel Cycles

Table 2

(Pu-Th)O2 fuel general characteristics in accordance with PUMA Project [10, 11].


Fuel pebble
Fuel pebble outer radius3.0 cm
Thickness of fuel free zone0.5 cm
Total heavy metal loading per fuel pebble2.0 g
Matrix density1.74 g/cm3
Packing fraction in pebble bed61%
Coated particle
Kernel Coating MaterialC/C/SiC/C
Layer thickness90/40/35/40  𝜇 m
Layer densities1.05/1.90/3.18/1.90 g/cm3
Fuel kernel
Fuel kernel diameter200 micron
Kernel material type(Pu-Th)O2.0
Th-oxide density9.55 g/cm3 (95% TD) [13]
Pu-oxide density10.89 g/cm3 (95% TD) [12]