Table 9: List and characteristics of the Kola-3 BCC zones.

NodeKola NPP compartmentNode typeVolume, m3Centre elevat. mFloor area m2Floor elevat. m

SGBOXASG box A201/1; left halfE(1)2601.7312.57520.07.74
SUMPASG box A201/1; lower partNE750.07.02520.06.30
SGBOXBSG box A201/1; right halfE2594.4312.57520.07.74
SUMPBSG box A201/1; lower partNE750.07.02520.06.30
MCPBOXMCP electric motors compartment A301/1E2186.2413.98348.010.567
ISOLACorridor of penetrations with ECCS isolation valves A202/1E1578.3511.86327.766.32
ISOLBCorridor of penetrations with ECCS isolation valves A203/1E1731.411.86350.966.32
CAVTYReactor cavity (below the support ring) A004/1E290.738.1036.32−6.10
ACCUMAHA compartment A525/1E372.9621.9529.7018.90
ACCUMBHA compartment A526/1E372.9621.9529.7018.90
VALVCValves chamber A306/1E100.9212.0534.8010.60
PRESRPressurizer box A527/1E357.0221.9552.4518.90
VALVSGChamber of SG box valves A211/1E567.212.18107.446.26
FILTRICompartment for filters of installation I A302/1E105.9414.015.6010.60
CORRDATransition room between SG box and BC shaft A265/1E602.189.8593.236.60
CORRDBTransition room between SG box and BC shaft A266/1E602.189.8592.736.60
VENTCHVAC systems machine hall A00032/1E4722.14−0.75655.84−6.50
SHFRABubble condenser shaft A263/1; front partE491.3812.7652.08.04
SHFRBBubble condenser shaft A263/1; front partE412.522.5440.817.49
SHFRCBubble condenser shaft A263/1; front partE412.532.6540.827.60
SHFRDBubble condenser shaft A263/1; front partE453.343.2640.837.71
SHLTABubble condenser shaft A263/1; lateral partE561.6412.7658.358.04
SHLTBBubble condenser shaft A263/1; lateral partE589.922.5458.3517.49
SHLTCBubble condenser shaft A263/1; lateral partE589.932.6558.3527.56
SHLTDBubble condenser shaft A263/1; lateral partE723.043.2658.3537.71
BTWTRABubble condenser shaft A263/1, volume below BC traysE131.07.84218.67.19
BTWTRBBubble condenser shaft A263/1, volume below BC traysE262.012.29437.210.39
BTWTRCBubble condenser shaft A263/1, volume below BC traysE414.021.16689.417.49
BTWTRDBubble condenser shaft A263/1, volume below BC traysE414.031.27689.427.60
BTWTREBubble condenser shaft A263/1, volume below BC traysE276.039.69459.637.71
BTWTRFBubble condenser shaft A263/1, volume below BC traysE130.044.745216.344.45
SUMPCBubble condenser shaft A263/1; lower partNE303.27.36110.356.68
TRYA(2)Bubble condenser tray; 1st floorD565.3869.34208.787.79
TRYBBubble condenser trays; 2nd, 3rd floorsD1130.77213.89417.5610.99
TRYCBubble condenser trays; 4th, 5th, 6th floorsD1898.86922.85656.3718.09
TRYDBubble condenser trays; 7th, 8th, 9th floorsD1898.86932.96656.3728.20
TRYEBubble condenser trays; 10th, 11th floorsD1265.94641.38437.5838.31
TRYFBubble condenser tray; 12th floorD815.22246.44203.0645.05
ATRAPAAir trap compartment A264/1; lower partE1386.178.65446.557.0975
ATRAPBAir trap compartment A264/1; upper partE2772.3313.31446.5510.20
ATRAPCAir trap compartment A423/1E4014.4822.03446.5517.53
ATRAPDAir trap compartment A530/1E4014.4832.14446.5527.64
ATRAPEAir trap compartment A635/1; lower partE3230.0541.37446.5537.75
ATRAPFAir trap compartment A635/1; upper partE1615.0246.79446.5544.98
TANKAECCS tanks(3)E1000.01.94257.140.00
ENVIRONEnvironmentE1 × 1062.501 × 1040.00

(1)“E”: equilibrium zone model, “NE”: nonequilibrium zone model, “D”: PSS zone model DRASYS according to COCOSYS concept [7].
(2)Total volume of D-type node includes both gas and water ones.
(3)Comprising several tanks (introduced for correct water mass balance).