Research Article

Trace Code Validation for BWR Spray Cooling Injection and CCFL Condition Based on GÖTA Facility Experiments

Table 4

Uncertain parameters.

Parameter1-σ uncertaintyType of distributionReference

T/H initial parameters

1Initial power0.75%Normal[10, page 21]
2Decay heat power table0.75%NormalOwn judgment
3Water drain temperature5KUniformOwn judgment
4Water drain pressure0.01 MPaUniformOwn judgment
5Steam vent temperature5 KUniformOwn judgment
6Steam vent pressure0.5%UniformOwn judgment
7Spray system pressure5%UniformOwn judgment
8Spray system temperature0.5 KUniformOwn judgment
9Spray system mass flow0.5%Uniform[10, page 21]

Vessel-related parameters

10Tee roughness30%Normal(a)[10, page 3.32]
11Bundle wall roughness30%Normal(a)[11, page 3.32]
12Bypass channel wall roughness30%Normal(a)[11, page 3.32]
13Length of main channel1 mmUniformOwn judgment
14Length of the bypass channel1 mmUniformOwn judgment
15Length of the main channel tee1 mmUniformOwn judgment
16Length of the bypass tee1 mmUniformOwn judgment

Bundle-related parameters

17Bundle flow area0.5%UniformOwn judgment
18Bundle hydraulic diameter0.5%UniformOwn judgment
19Bypass channel Flow Area0.5%UniformOwn judgment
20Bypass hydraulic diameter0.5%UniformOwn judgment
21Spacers friction5%Uniform[8, page 35]
22Rod emissivity15%UniformOwn judgment
23Bundle wall emissivity15%UniformOwn judgment
24CCFL slope10%UniformOwn judgment
25CCFL constant10%UniformOwn judgment


26Spray injection trip1 sUniformOwn judgment
27Drain valve trip delay0.5 sUniformOwn judgment

aThe distribution was approximated with normal.