Table 1: Comparison of initial conditions for BETHSY 6.2TC test.


Core thermal power (kW) 28642860
Pressurizer pressure (MPa) 15.3815.38
Pressurizer level (m) 7.457.45
Total flow (kg/s)16.81 (calculated from core power)16.8416.61
Core inlet temperature (K) 557.2557.2
Core outlet temperature (K) 588.1588.8
Reactor coolant system mass (kg) 19481948
Secondary side pressure per SG (MPa) 6.836.69
Steam generator level per SG (m) 11.111.1
Feedwater temperature (K) 523.2523.2
Heat loss (kW)54.82N.A.N.A.
Downcomer to upper head flow (kg/s)0.0470.0470.047