Research Article

Multiphysics Model Development and the Core Analysis for In Situ Breeding and Burning Reactor

Table 1

General parameters for reference core of ISBBR.

Thermal power, MWt800
Electricity power, MWe300
Coolant flow rate, kg/sec5000
Inlet temperature, °C350
System pressure, MPa0.1
Number of fuel assembly222
Number of control assembly31
Number of shielding assembly270
Flat to flat distance of FA, cm~12.5
Number of fuel pin in a FA60
Fuel rod pitch, cm1.50
Fuel rod diameter, cm1.40
Active fuel height, cm 200
Plenum height, cm 200
Cladding materialSiCf/SiC
Pellet materialUPuZr
Coolant materialSodium
Control absorber materialB4C
Detail sizeReference Figure 5
Heavy metal inventory in core, ton40.4
 DU (0.3 w/o 235U), ton35.8
 Reactor grade Pu, ton4.6
 Composition of Pu:
  238Pu (%)3.54
  239Pu (%)50.94
  240Pu (%)22.99
  241Pu (%)15.15
  242Pu (%)7.38