Research Article

Code Development in Coupled PARCS/RELAP5 for Supercritical Water Reactor

Table 2

SCWR parameters.

Fuel PinFuel assembly

Fuel materialUO2Number of fuel rods240
Fissile enrichment5%Number of burnable absorber60
UO2 density10.4215 g/cm3Number of water rods36
Fuel radius0.439 cmNumber of control rods12
Pellet to cladding gap0.008 cmWater rod width3.36 cm
Cladding thickness0.063 cmWater rod wall thickness0.04 cm
Fuel pitch1.12 cmFuel assembly pitch28.82 cm
P/D 1.098Assembly wall thickness0.3 cm
Cladding and core structure materialMA956Interassembly gap0.2 cm

Burnable absorber Core

Burnable absorber materialZrB2Thermal power3575 MW
ZrB2 density 6.08 g/cm3Number of fuel assemblies145
Fuel materialUO2Heated fuel height4.27 m
Fissile enrichment5%Total fuel pin height4.87 m
UO2 density10.4215 g/cm3Effective diameter3.93 m
Fuel radius0.439 cmVolumetric power density69 MW/m3
BA cover thickness0.0044 cmAverage linear heat rate19.2 kW/m
Pellet to cladding gap0.0036 cmFuel depletion plan3 cycles
Cladding thickness0.063 cmAverage burnup0/12.5/25 GWd/MTU

Control rodThermal-hydraulic parameters

Control rod materialB4CSystem pressure25 MPa
B4C density2.59 g/cm3Coolant flow rate1843 kg/s
Control rod radius0.662 cmBypass ratio, η10% (184 kg/s)
Control rod guide tube inner radius0.912 cmRPV inlet temperature280°C
Control rod guide tube thickness0.04 cmRPV outlet temperature500°C
Thermal efficiency44.80%