Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Study on the Impact of Thermal Agitation on Doppler Coefficient in Epithermal Range for Gd-Bearing Fuel

Table 1

Calculation conditions.

 MaterialUO2 with Gd2O3
 U-235 enrichment4.8 wt%
 Gd2O3 concentration0~20 wt% using following Gd vector
  Gd-152: 0.2 wt%
  Gd-154: 2.2 wt%
  Gd-155: 14.8 wt%
  Gd-156: 20.5 wt%
  Gd-157: 15.6 wt%
  Gd-158: 24.8 wt%
  Gd-160: 21.9 wt%
 Temperature600 K, 900 K

 Temperature600 K

 Temperature600 K

Boundary conditionWhite reflection