Table 6: Comparison of properties of MG treat with and without HTP.

PropertyAverage of MG without HTPDeviation of MG without HTPAverage of MG with HTPDeviation of MG with HTPSpecification

Bulk density (g·cm−3)1.7490.0041.7530.0061.70–1.77
Crush strength (AX/TR) (kN)19.86/17.980.78/0.3523.78/20.260.32/0.5718.0
(AX/TR) (W·m−1K−1)31.83/36.970.57/0.8137.36/39.740.95/0.7625.0
CTE (AX/TR) (10−6K−1)4.74/4.150.04/0.083.69/3.070.08/0.27Null
Erosion rate (mg·h−1 per pebble)14.230.2272.410.028⩽6.0
Ash content (ppm)31.702.1215.150.35⩽300

The value of thermal conductivity at 1000°C. 1000°C, 10 h; atmosphere is He + 1 vol%  . Numbers of drops from a height of 4 m onto the matrix sphere bed before break.