Table 2: Sequences of the scenario cases in seconds.

Analysis purposeEffect of intentional depressurizationEffect of cavity floodingEffect of injection termination
Scenario IDase 1.1ase 1.2ase 1.3ase 2.1ase 2.2ase 2.3ase 3.1ase 3.2ase3.3

Event descriptionNo operationEarly opening of valvesDelayed opening of valvesNo injectionEarly injection of the cavityDelayed injection of the cavityContinuous injectionEarly termination of the injectionLate termination of the injection
Opening safety valves--6248 s/SG dry9790 s/Core exit 922 K9790 s9790 s9790 s9790 s9790 s9790 s
Accumulator delivery16,193 s7803 s10,486 s10,486 s10,483 s10,486 s10,483 s10,483 s10,483 s
Accumulator depleted16,219 s19,645 s23,131 s23,131 s22,729 s22,786 s22,729 s22,729 s22,729 s
Relocation14,527 s25,877 s28,617 s28,617 s26,196 s27,936 s26,196 s26,196 s26,196 s
Cavity injection--------9790 s/Core exit 922 K14,790 s/Delay 5,000 s9790 s/Core exit 922 K9790 s9790 s
Terminating injection--------Continuous injectionContinuous injectionContinuous injection50,000 s100,000 s
RV failure16,182 s29,583 s34,562 s34,562 sN/AN/AN/A88,926 sN/A
Containment failure137,191 sN/AN/AN/A158,231 s185,485 s158,231 sN/AN/A

N/A: no failure for 72 hours (259,200 s).