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Shock and Vibration
Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 97-113

Vibrational Energy Flow Models of Finite Orthotropic Plates

Do-Hyun Park,1 Suk-Yoon Hong,1 and Hyun-Gwon Kil2

1Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Seoul National University, #56-1, Shinlim-dong, Kwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742, Korea
2Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Suwon, Suwon 445-743, Korea

Received 29 April 2003; Revised 29 April 2003

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In this paper energy flow models for the transverse vibration of finite orthotropic plates are developed. These models are expressed with time- and locally space-averaged far-field energy density, and show more general forms than the conventional EFA models for isotropic plates. To verify the accuracy of the developed models, numerical analyses are performed for finite rectangular plates vibrating at a single frequency, and the calculated results expressed with the energy and intensity levels are compared with those of classical models by changing the frequency and the damping.