In naval ships, some methods or devices are acquired both to cut off the transmission of vibration from shipboard machineries and to protect them from external shock loading. One of the approaches is to install the passive mountings between machinery and a flexible supporting structure. More advanced performance has become necessary recently so far as at high frequencies in order to retain the stealth function of certain types of naval vessels.For the purpose of this research, a novel hybrid mount for shipboard machinery installed on naval ships was developed. The mount is combined with a rubber mount and piezostack actuators. The rubber mount is one of the most popular and effective passive mounts to have been applied to various vibration systems to date. The piezostack actuator is featured by a fast response time, small displacement and low power consumption. Through a series of experimental tests conducted in accordance with MIL-M-17185A(SHIPS), MIL-M-17508F(SH), and MIL-S-901D which are US military specifications related to the performance requirements of the mount, it has been confirmed that the hybrid mount shows more effective performance for use in naval ships.