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Research Article

Spatial Information in Autonomous Modal Parameter Estimation

Table 1

Summary of modal parameter estimation algorithms.

AlgorithmDomainMatrix polynomial orderCoefficients

Complex Exponential Algorithm (CEA)
Least Squares Complex Exponential (LSCE)
Polyreference Time Domain (PTD)
Ibrahim Time Domain (ITD)
Multireference Ibrahim Time Domain (MRITD)
Eigensystem Realization Algorithm (ERA)
Polyreference Frequency Domain (PFD)
Simultaneous Frequency Domain (SFD)
Multireference Frequency Domain (MRFD)
Rational Fraction Polynomial (RFP)
Orthogonal Polynomial (OP)
Polyreference Least Squares Complex Frequency (PLSCF)
Rational Fraction Polynomial-Z Domain (RFP-Z)
Complex Mode Indication Function (CMIF)