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Research Article

An Energy-Based Safety Evaluation Index of Blast Vibration

Table 3

The safe level standard of blast vibrations in China (GB6722-2003).

Types of structuresAllowable PPV (cm/s)
<10 Hz10–50 Hz50–100 Hz

Soil cave houses, adobe houses, and rubble stone structures 0.5–1.00.7–1.21.1–1.5
Common brick and large nonseismic designed masonry buildings2.0–2.52.3–2.82.7–3.0
Reinforced concrete framed structures3.0–4.03.5–4.54.2–5.0
Common historical buildings and interests0.1–0.30.2–0.40.3–0.5
Hydraulic tunnels7–15
Traffic tunnels10–20
Mine roadways15–30