Table 1: Structural parameters of the prototype.


Modulus of gear2
Pressure angle of gear20°
Teeth number of ring gear50
Reference radius of ring gear0.050 m
Teeth number of planetary gear17
Reference radius of planetary gear0.017 m
Thickness of planetary gear0.015 m
Mass of planetary gear0.094 kg
Rotational inertia of rotation of planetary gear1.66 × 10−5 kg·m2
Rotational inertia of revolution of planetary gear1.02 × 10−4 kg·m2
Number of planetary gears4
Radius of pin0.0095 m
Thickness of flywheel bracket0.0075 m
Mass of flywheel bracket (including pins)0.426 kg
Rotational inertia of flywheel bracket (including pins)2.89 × 10−4 kg·m2
Major diameter of screw0.020 m
Lead of screw0.010 m
Rotational inertia of screw2.80 × 10−5 kg·m2