Table 1: Basic parameters.


Water depth/m1361.0
Length of casing riser/m1350.0
OD of casing riser/m0.3397
ID of casing riser/m0.3112
Platform offset/% water depth3.0
Tension ratio of riser (TTR)1.2
Velocity of surface wind/m⋅s−11.0
Tide velocity/m⋅s−10.5
Current velocity/m⋅s−11.0
Significant wave height/m12
Significant wave period/s8
Platform slow drift amplitude/m9.3
Platform slow drift period/s259.8
Elastic modulus of steel/GPa210.0
Density of steel/kg⋅m−37850.0
Density of seawater/kg⋅m−31030.0
Density of drilling mud/kg⋅m−31200.0
Wellhead above the mudline/m3.0
Height of SID/m8.0
Equivalent outer diameter of SID/m0.8
Length of transition joint/m10.0
Equivalent OD of transition joint/m0.3683
Equivalent WT of transition joint/m0.0508
Length of conductor/m60.0
OD of conductor/mm0.762
WT of conductor/mm0.0254
Elastic modulus of cement sheath/GPa18.0
Length of surface casing/m500.0