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Research Article

Dynamic Analysis of a Planar Hydraulic Rock-Breaker Mechanism with Multiple Clearance Joints

Table 2

Points of the rock-breaker in global coordinates.

PointCoordinates (m, m)PointCoordinates (m, m)

O1[0.57, 1.66]TP4[3.37, 3.38]T
O2[3.26, 2.98]TP5[3.64, 2.95]T
O3[3.64, 1.48]TP6[3.87, 1.89]T
P1[0.79, 1.32]TA[3.93, 1.53]T
P2[1.58, 2.76]TB[1.58, 2.76]T
P3[1.80, 3.26]TPb[4.24, 0.11]T