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Research Article

Stress Response and Damage Characteristics of Local Members of a Structure due to Tunnel Blasting Vibrations Based on the High-Order Local Modal Analysis

Table 7

PCS and PCS ratio of local members under different peak particle velocities.

TypeDifferent membersTypical elementsMaximum PCS (MPa)PCS ratioMaximum PCS (MPa)PCS ratioMaximum PCS (MPa)PCS ratio
1.0 (cm/s)3.0 (cm/s)6.0 (cm/s)

Main structureLongitudinal wallH1169390.
Local membersPartition wallH993610.533.120.573.170.692.76
Front parapet wallH412440.402.350.492.720.682.72
Stress concentrationWindow cornersH300500.613.590.673.720.843.36
Door cornersH1174930.764.470.884.891.124.48
Floor and wall contact areaFirst floor and wall contact areaH525350.985.761.075.941.405.60