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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 11, Issue 2-4, Pages 261-267

On-line Texture Analysis for Magnetic Property Control

H. J. Bunge,1,2,3 H. J. Kopineck,1,2,3 and F. Wagner1,2,3

1Inst. f. Metallkunde, Grosser Bruch 23, Clansthal-Zellerfeld D-3392, Germany
2Hoesch Stuhl AG, Dortmund D-4600, Germany
3Lab. de Metallurgie des Materiaux Polycristallius, Metz F-57045, France

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Magnetic properties of hard and soft magnetic materials are strongly anisotropic, i.e. they depend on the crystal direction in which they are being considered. Technological materials are usually polycrystalline. Hence, their properties are orientation mean values of the properties of the crystallites with the texture of the material as the weight function. Inspection and control of magnetic properties of materials thus requires inspection and control of the materials texture which can be carried out off-line by taking samples from the finished material and investigating them in the laboratory. If, however, the texture of the material is to be controlled during the production process then a fast non-destructive on-line texture analyser is required the output signal of which can be used to control the production process.