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Textures and Microstructures
Volume 20, Issue 1-4, Pages 165-177

Microtexture Characterization by EBSP in Iron and Titanium Alloys

Laboratoire de Métallurgie Structurale, Bât 413, URA CNRS 1107, Université Paris-Sud, F 91405 Orsay Cedex, France

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The Orientation Distribution Function (O.D.F.) calculation is usually performed using pole figures measured by X-ray or neutron diffraction. However, this kind of experimental technique does not allow to determine a total ODF since the odd terms of the series expansion are not directly accessible from pole figures. The individual orientation measurement technique can be used but it is necessary to estimate the right orientation number necessary to calculate a statistically reliable ODF. For samples at the surface, at the fifth of the thickness from the surface and at the centre of a Fe 3% Si sheet, the present study shows that only 100 orientations are sufficient to find the main components of the texture but this number must be increased by a factor 10 to evaluate with a rather good accuracy the height of the peaks. In the case of a titanium alloy so called TA6V 350 orientations appear to be sufficient.