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Volume 3, Pages 677-683
Mini-Review Article

Volume Transmission and Pain Perception

1Centro de Investigación y Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Avenida Instituto Politécnico Nacional 2508, México, D.F. 07300, Mexico
2Departments of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1300 University Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Academic Editor: Luigi Francesco Agnati

Copyright © 2003 Gilberto C. Castaneda-Hernandez and Paul Bach-y-Rita.


Volume transmission (VT) is the diffusion through the brain extracellular fluid of neurotransmitters released at points that may be remote from the target cells with the resulting activation of extrasynaptic receptors. VT appears to play multiple roles in the brain in normal and abnormal activity, brain plasticity and drug actions. The relevance of VT to pain perception has been explored in this review.