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Volume 3, Pages 1265-1271
Case Study

A Case Report of Possible Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

School of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Health and Sciences, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, POBox 540, Christchurch, New Zealand

Copyright © 2003 Said Shahtahmasebi and Shahnaz Shahtahmasebi.


The literature on the chemical analysis of cooking oils suggests that the cholesterol-reducing effect may well be due to the antioxidant agents rather than unsaturated fats. Furthermore, antioxidant agents are present in extra virgin olive oil and not in olive oil. There is some evidence, based on studies using patients, to support such a supposition. In this paper, we present a case report on the possible health effects of changing from olive oil to extra virgin olive oil. The case report is intended to raise some relevant issues to stimulate a debate and more research in this area.