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Volume 3, Pages 1002-1014
Research Article

Measurement of Quality of Life V. How to Use the SEQOL, QOL5, QOL1, and Other Global and Generic Questionnaires for Research

The Quality of Life Research Center, Copenhagen K, Denmark

Copyright © 2003 Soren Ventegodt et al.


A survey can be divided into four phases: (1) planning, (2) distributing and collecting the questionnaires, (3) analysis, and (4) dissemination of the results. This paper provides step-by-step guidance on how the global and genetic SEQOL (self-evaluated quality of life) and QOL5 questionnaires can be used in a large- or small-scale survey of quality of life (QOL). It covers what is required to conduct a survey and generate results that should be of interest to local politicians, decision makers, and representatives from the surveyed groups and should be published after it has been processed and edited. If the results are to be published in the scientific literature, it is necessary to seek the assistance of an expert in statistics and/or research and the dissemination of research results.